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Last Updated: October 5, 2019



The prices for all products on the EU and USA websites include the shipping costs within Europe and the USA (Pricing differs for products listed on each of the respective websites), unless otherwise stated or for special offers or promotions. In case shipping costs apply, these are calculated automatically when the product is added to the cart and refer to the weight, the volume of the order and the place of delivery.

The total price including shipping costs, will be displayed in the shopping cart (if separate shipping costs are incurred) and will be approved by the buyer before order confirmation.


Payment of any order and delivery costs must be complete before the order is processed and accepted.


The order will be processed by chairio as soon as the payment has been accepted, except in cases where it was otherwise agreed. In this case, the terms of payment agreed in the contract between chairio and the client are valid.


As soon as chairio receives the payment confirmation from the buyer, we will send the buyer an order confirmation by e-mail (including the ordered products and prices).

The total price that the buyer pays for the goods is displayed in the shopping basket and, if requested, also on the invoice. chairio reserves the right to adjust the selling price in order to take into account price increases of our suppliers, the introduction of new taxes or tariffs, misprints or errors in the pricing information on our part. If chairio is forced to increase the price of a product for any reason, the buyer is offered the opportunity to cancel the order before the goods are shipped without penalty or settle the difference to process the shipment of the order.


If a product is priced incorrectly due to an incident mentioned above, chairio is entitled to refuse or cancel any order placed at the wrong price. If your payment has been processed and your order has subsequently been canceled, chairio will promptly issue a refund of the total amount received.


Payment is made at the time of the order, regardless of the waiting time or specified delivery time.





We guarantee the confidentiality of the transmission of data through the Internet. We use the STRIPE and PayPal platforms for card payments. These systems ensure the identity of the seller, guarantee the integrity of the messages and encrypt the data with SSL encryption of up to 128 bits. This guarantees that the communication cannot be interpreted when someone intercepts the message.


Safety Standards


To prevent fraudulent use of credit cards, the banks, VISA, MASTERCARD, etc. have developed new security standards that confirm the authenticity of the card user. For this reason, you must have a security code or a check-in system of your bank to make a safe purchase.


The required credit/debit card data are:

– card number.

– Expiration Date.

– 3-digit number on the front or back of the card.




If the payment is made by bank transfer, the processing of the order begins as soon as we have received the proof of payment via email at , where you must indicate the order number in the subject line.


Data needed for the transfer.

The necessary data to be included in the transfer are:

– Beneficiary:

– Customer number:

– Address:

– Order number:


It is important that you note the order number that we have sent you by e-mail. Otherwise, the order cannot be identified and processed.


If the payment method Bank Transfer is selected during the order and the payment is not made within 7 working days, the order will be automatically canceled.


NOTE: Product availability may change within minutes. The products are not reserved until the payment of the order has been confirmed. Therefore, chairio is not responsible for deviations of the stock level during ordering until the payment is confirmed in the account.




Rules for the use of discount coupon codes: Discount coupons cannot be combined with other discounts, promotions or invoices. Once you have entered your discount code in the coupon field when you access the shopping cart, the discount will automatically be deducted from the final amount without any further action required by you. It is not possible to use two discount codes in the same order. Therefore, if you have two discount codes, you must select the one you want to use while it is still valid. 




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